Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What to Expect

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From this blog you can expect match up guides to be written in the following format:

1. A brief introduction. Generally, short thoughts on the matchup, a brief summary of important points and the overall vibe of the matchup, and a few personal anecdotes here and there.

2. Offense. This section will feature explanations and insight on how to deal damage to your opponent, or, as is appropriate for Vega, how to pressure an opponent so as to prevent them from pressuring you. Focus will be placed on how to deal with situations in which you don't have a life lead, when you do, when opponent has X bars, etc.

3. Defense. Simply put, this section will instruct you on how to stay alive. When to press buttons, when to block, when to tech throws, and when to hail mary Scarlet Terror or ultra 2 will all be featured in this section. Because it is so difficult for Vega to solidly turtle anyone out, focus will not be placed so much on having a life lead but how to hold on to it and really take advantage of Vega's defensive game against an aggressive opponent.

4. Footsies. This is the section where I talk about how to set up advantageous situations and how to avoid disadvantageous situations. Street Fighter is largely a game about positioning, and spacing, and in each matchup, the right and wrong places to be are always relative to the characters on screen. Despite Vega's strong footsie game, he still doesn't play the c. mp poke-out game the same way against two different characters.

5. Conclusion. Here, I'll recap the most important parts of the fight in a brief paragraph. I'll also include "Final Thoughts" on the matchup that will be drawn as a logical conclusion using all the information I have within each matchup writeup. To finish, I'll post the ever important matchup numbers.

Each blog will feature point-form summaries before each paragraph, so as to enable access to both quick information gathering and also in-depth strategy. The ultimate goal of this blog, however, is to promote understanding about the game, and, specifically, Vega and his matchups. I hope that not only can Vega players come here to learn more about the character, but also that others help me learn more about him as well, and lastly, that those who struggle against Vega can read about the character and turn the matchup around.

After all, knowledge is power, especially in Street Fighter. So I hope to share it with everyone.

The site will begin with matchup guides (I plan to do one for every character including the mirror), possibly even for some of my alts (of which there are many, but most primarily, Adon, T. Hawk, and Evil Ryu since not many play them). From there, I hope to expand on to videos and whatever else may lie beyond the horizon.

For the time being, the blog will remain as a strictly Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 blog, though it would not be unfair to expect some KOF XIII, Street Fighter X Tekken and even Marvel 3 info here and there.

Expect the Vega vs Blanka and Vega vs Ryu matchups to be posted up to the site soon.

Until then, make sure to follow me on Twitter and of course

Mask and claw for life.


  1. how do you manage to beat the makoto players in your city without being distracted by their striking good looks?

  2. Looks very promising, this blog should stay alive. Not a lot of Claw specific blogs are there and this one is from one of the top vega players.. you can add one more thing, if you can analyze your own matches, commenting on them, that would be a great help.
    The underground ninja should surface in the tournaments

  3. If you have time, I recommend analyzing matches (editing, slowing it down, showing everyone what is happening and why its happening, etc). It will be much more useful and much more clear. Vega4lyfe nukkuh

    1. Vega4lyfe! Yes Mr. King there will be videos at some point. Hoping to supplement each of the guides I already have up with pics and stuff, so always stay tuned for updates.

  4. Going to be following closely. Especially interested to see the Vega vs Blanka matchup, since so far my experience with it is "Vega dies".